‘All four of VirnetX’s patents have been found invalid by the patent office’

Apple Hit With Huge $625M Verdict Over FaceTime, VPN Patents

‘All four of VirnetX’s patents have been found invalid by the patent office. Cases like this simply reinforce the desperate need for patent reform.’

what they really mean: we paid millions in political contributions to get the PTO (patent office) to make these patents go away. Why wont the courts play along too?

Don’t believe the lies of large multinational invention thieves and their paid puppets -some masquerading as reporters.

Recently it was disclosed the PTO has been caught blocking the issuance of select patents. The corruption in DC is spreading. We need a house cleaning at the PTO from the top down, starting with the director. We need to stop appointing PTO personnel directly from the revolving doors of large multinational repeat infringers.

Don’t fall for propaganda from China and large invention thieves. Those who trumpet what they call patent ‘reform’ are long on accusations, but short on details for a simple reason. The evils they decry largely do not exist which their proposed changes have little to do with anyway. Rather, all these changes are a shell game intended to legalize theft -allowing large invention thieves to rob and destroy their small competitors.

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