‘plague of patent trolls’


First, let’s clear the air and inject some rationalism…

patent troll=small competitor

If you own anything and seek to claim your rights, how can there be anything wrong with that? No doubt, from the perspective of large multinational infringers (thieves), any time a small competitor sues to stop their theft they feel they have been wronged. But how can it be that the party who has stolen be the party being wronged? What about the party whose property was stolen? As we say, don’t believe the lies of thieves and their doctrine of theft. We can plainly see the dissembling going on here just as easily as all others who are clean and sober. As Mark Twain said, ‘truth is not hard to kill, and (that) a lie well told is immortal’.

All this talk of ‘trolls’ is merely an attempt by modern day cattle thieves to rebrand stolen technology to conceal their theft. Don’t believe the lies of thieves. A measure of Frontier justice for these land pirates would serve them right. The federal courts and Congress must now do their jobs or get out of the way and let the states handle this if the federal government does not have the will or courage.

As to the other common false accusation by large serial thieves about those who use ‘patent rights with an eye to extorting payments from supposed infringers’, it can cost us millions in court to sue infringers. If we are not substantially sure about our case, we will not risk our precious capital…as little as we have. Again, don’t believe the lies of thieves and their partners in crime.

All the changes made by Congress, the Courts and the prior White House in response to these fictional claims of large infringers have destroyed our patent system. Small entity filed aplns and issued patents have collapsed, and with good reason.

Is property dead in America? Is America dead? Either way, we certainly believe America’s ‘golden door’ has closed. Will it ever reopen? We are fighting to do just that and bring those responsible to justice.

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