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We are encouraged by and applaud the remarks of some members of the cmte. However, when other members speak of the need for strong patent protection, but then introduce or express support for bills that only weaken patents and the invention rights America’s founders sought to protect, it is clear there is much work to be done to counter the influence and misinformation of large multinational infringers (thieves) and the damage their propaganda campaign has inflicted on property rights in America. These same members speak reverently of our founders, but yet ignore what they teach: the FIRST object of government is the protection of the product of our mental labors such as inventions, discoveries and creations, or as Madison called them our ‘faculties’ (see Our Position for Madison’s Federalist Paper quotes). What are we to make of such behavior? Have they come to praise the founders, yet bury inventors?

For example, some members and witnesses speak of concerns about patent trolls and weak patents used to extract cash settlements. But we have already repeatedly dispelled the patent troll myth…

Don’t believe the lies of thieves and their Chinese style propaganda machine.

We must point out that none of the witnesses at the hearing were inventors or small businesses who rely heavily on patent protection, unlike our large competitors who are able to protect their markets by their size alone. Why does Congress keep stacking cmte hearings with large infringer witnesses and lock out legitimate inventors and small entities who rely heavily on patents to commercialize our inventions? Why are some in Congress so afraid of inventors? Are they trying to hide the truth from the public that for us the patent system is all but dead so they can continue to push for laws that only further crush us and legalize theft of our inventions by our large competitors? Is this all about plausible deniability? Are these members of Congress who repeat the propaganda of thieves about ‘trolls’ and ‘weak’ patents being blackmailed by them or have they otherwise been commandeered? Such one sided hearings only spread the propaganda of thieves and hide the truth.

We believe if you check the federal dockets you will find each of these parties who make these baseless accusations about ‘trolls’ and ‘weak’ patents is routinely far more likely to be a defendant in a patent infringement suit than plaintiff. Like Microsoft who years ago was on record stating they only get patents because their competitors do, these parties are often far more likely to be invention users (thieves) than creators. Sure some of them have quite a collection of patents, but they are patents neither they or anyone else use. It is THEIR patents that are weak or of little value.

Rather, the state of the patent system is the opposite of what infringers say. There’s a reason why small entity patent filings and issued are now running only about 1/10th of their historical level. Clearly, there is something terribly wrong going on here and inventors know what it is: patent are now far too hard, slow and expensive for us to get and enforce and because of all that we are leaving the patent system by the droves. For us the patent system is in crisis.

As to weak patents being used by inventors or small entities to extract cash settlements from businesses…

Again, don’t believe the lies of thieves.

So the fact is all this talk of patent ‘trolls’ and ‘weak’ patents is just a propaganda campaign by large infringers used as pretense to push for changes in law that have nothing to do with the supposed evils they conjure up.  They are red herrings to obscure their repeat and blatant theft of our inventions.

We will continue to expand our introductions to the rest of those in Congress who not only speak support for strong property rights in America, but who are willing to act on it.

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‘the Supreme Court’s unhealthy fascination’

‘the Supreme Court’s unhealthy fascination with patent trolls’

There can be no productive discussion about ‘trolls’ until one defines it. In our view it is simply a smear campaign by large multinational infringers (thieves) with the intent of legalizing theft of our inventions. Some in the courts, Congress and previously in the White House have been duped, blackmailed or commandeered by this propaganda or the thieves that are behind it. We need to steer this ill advised foray back to where it belongs -property rights. When government only selectively enforces them for the wealthy and politically well connected, America loses and its people in the end suffer.

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‘There’s an entire class of litigants in patent law that lawyers call “venue-shoppers.”’

Sure, lawyers for our large infringing (thieving) competitors. They would rather we have to sue them in their back yards where they may have an unfair advantage such as by influencing appointment or election of judges and where their employees or relatives of are on the juries. They would rather rob us in peace and not have to be ‘extort(ed)’ by their pesky small competitors after they rob us blind and drive into bankruptcy.

We would list and refute every distortion or outright lie in this ‘editorial’ piece, but if we did so we would have to reproduce it in its entirety. It would be far easier and shorter to list the truth it contains, so here it is…


There, that was much easier.

In the later 1800’s many established newspapers conducted a concerted smear campaign against inventor Samuel Morse because he refused to grant them discounts for their use of telegraphs. We gather this piece is similarly motivated. So, whose ox is being gored now?

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‘Cisco and Slack Are Joining Google’s Patent Network’

‘Cisco and Slack Are Joining Google’s Patent Network’

Thick as…thieves?

This piece is typical of the one sided large multinational infringer (thief) propaganda campaign. Is Roberts working for them? This is not his first such piece.

For years now since the SCOTUS eBay decision large multinationals have been ransacking and looting their small competitors. Now that we are no longer able to obtain injunctions against them they only thumb their Pinocchio noses at us saying “so sue me”, knowing full well we no longer have any reasonable chance at stopping them. For us, the patent system is all but dead. It mostly protects large thieves, not inventors.

The patent system now teeters on the brink of lawlessness. Call it what you will…patent hoarder, patent troll, non-practicing entity, shell company, etc. It all means one thing: “we’re using your invention and we’re not going to stop or pay”. It’s a pure red herring by large invention thieves and their paid puppets to kill any inventor support system. As Mark Twain said, ‘truth is not hard to kill, and (that) a lie well told is immortal’. Those who use the amorphous phrase ‘patent troll’ expose themselves as thieves, duped, or doped and perpetuate the lie.

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‘openly hostile to property owners’

‘a Patent Trial and Appeal Board that has been openly hostile to property owners (see e.g., here and here), allows harassment of certain patent owners over and over again’

It is true. Property rights for America’s ‘faculties’ as President Madison referred to our creations and discoveries: inventions, have all but disappeared -certainly for us. When the very government charged with protecting these rights aggressively obstructs our obtaining and enforcing title to them as in patents, and when our highest courts ignore their duty to protect those rights it throws America’s economy into a lawless state surreptitiously controlled by some of the world’s most lawless corporations.

These same corps now conspire collectively through 3rd parties who are not threatened by the patents to repeatedly bring challenges to the patents of their small competitors in an unlawful pseudo judicial proceeding at the PTO which has shown itself to be all too eager to accommodate. Meanwhile, the true party of interest is concealed. In this way large infringers (thieves) are able to run their small competitors into bankruptcy by having to defend over and over -even against the same supposed prior art repeatedly recycled by firms surreptitiously filing for review for large infringers who themselves use the same art to challenge in court and perhaps even at the PTO. Whatever happened to double jeopardy? Worse, what about triple jeopardy?? These thieves are making monkeys of some courts and a sham of property rights while they play those courts and PTO top management like a cheap fiddle. Here those courts could bring order and reestablish rule of law, but they have refused. These are dark days for America. Is the American dream dead? Is America in a state of commercial anarchy!? Must Americans now claim the right to protect their property themselves when the government refuses?

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‘companies that hold patents but don’t manufacture …’

‘Critics say that so-called patent trolls, companies that hold patents but don’t manufacture any products themselves, have flocked to the Eastern District of Texas, filing cases and winning big-dollar judgments.’

what they say: patent trolls

what they mean: small competitors

So say large multinational invention thieves. How can we make or commercialize our inventions when our large competitors are free to use (steal) our inventions thanks to the SCOTUS eBay decision and have all the money they will ever need to run us out of business if we try? The truth is much or all of what they make is made offshore anyway. So even they don’t make anything in America, plus they keep the true inventors from doing so. Sure they manufacture…OUR inventions!

What they don’t tell you is the courts now after the SCOTUS eBay decision refuse to issue injunctions so inventors and small competitors now have no fair chance at commercializing their inventions and have to sit idly by as we watch our large competitors rob us blind. SCOTUS has failed inventors and America. Who are they working for anyway? They must either be strong for property rights, or they will be weak for America. Whatever happened to rule of law? Isn’t this the type of class biased law and injustice America’s founders fled Europe and elsewhere from? So property rights are only for the wealthy and politically connected??

For years now these large multinationals have been ransacking and looting their small competitors, grinding them into dust. Meanwhile those same large multinationals move more and more American jobs offshore. When they cant export jobs they import workers that displace Americans. That in large measure explains why America cant find a good paying full time job. When thieves win America loses.

The truth is we seldom now are able to get our patents from a patent office now ran by ‘former’ employees of our largest infringers -small wonder. Even when we can we cant enforce them because we don’t have the millions it costs to bring suit against these giant thieving corps. And because the deck is so stacked against us we cant get attorneys to take our cases on contingency. We believed -we were told, if we created a better technology or product, we would be rewarded. Sadly, realistically that is no longer true. We now have a patent system that encourages large thieving corps and discourages inventors.

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