‘National Medal of Technology and Innovation’


‘National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI)…nomination’

We nominate the ‘unknown inventor’.

In view of the present state of the American patent system where inventors have to fight years to get our patents with costs as high as a few hundred thousand dollars, the inability to keep our patents because of post issue admin reviews and the great expense of millions of dollars, difficulty and uncertainty of enforcing our patents and obtaining injunctions against infringers, we are no longer able to commercialize our inventions. We are crushed by the patent system that was created to encourage us. That is why our share of issued patents and filed applications has collapsed to only about 10% of our historical share -if not less and still falling. The end result is that so many inventors have been robbed in broad daylight by our large competitors and driven out of business before they could even get started. Therefore, neither we nor anyone else will ever know the identity of the inventor most deserving of this award. They may never have obtained a patent for their invention or may have promptly lost when attempting to enforce. Now their large competitors are free to use (steal) and be unjustly enriched by.

We continue to draft our bill which will restore our patent system. Until our bill is passed into law the ‘unknown inventor’ will persist and we will continue to nominate them  for this medal.

‘low quality patents’


‘low quality patents’

Based on this author’s articles which frequently if not always lack balance, we gather he defines the phrase thusly…

low quality patents=patents of others

Who pays him to write these things? We suspect he like another author who recently uncloaked, works for large multinational repeat infringers (thieves). The only patents they like are their own -if they have any. Sure, some have lots of patents, but seldom does anyone actually use them -not even the owners. They are as we say in the trade paper patents: the patent version of a vanity plate. It looks good on their 10k filings even if they have little or no real value. Don’t believe the lies of thieves (large multinational infringers) and their doctrine of theft.

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