‘threat of infringement litigation to small businesses’


‘The pro-reform side regularly warns of the risks posed by the threat of infringement litigation to small businesses’

Such statements by proponents of these bills are simply untrue. The benefits of patents to small entities far outweigh the risk for 2 important reasons. First, true small entities have minimal risk of being sued as they don’t have the cash to pay should a judgement go against them. Patent holders are not so senseless as to waste their time and money. Second, without strong patent rights small entities are defenseless against large competitors who will otherwise copy their inventions and elbow them out of the markets they created.

Don’t fall for propaganda from China and large invention thieves. Those who trumpet what they call patent ‘reform’ are long on accusations, but short on details for a simple reason. The evils they decry largely do not exist which their proposed changes have little to do with anyway. Rather, all these changes are a shell game intended to legalize theft -allowing large invention thieves to rob and destroy their small competitors.

It’s about property rights and jobs. When government fails to uniformly and justly enforce property rights they contribute to the wealth and power of the well placed few (thieves), suppress the ability and rights of the rest to make better lives for themselves and their families, and support giant monopolies that enslave and impoverish the public and commandeer the government. We all remember ‘too big to fail’ which led to the last economic disaster.

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