‘Legislation to rein in so-called patent trolls’


Don’t believe the lies of giant multinational invention thieves and those they have duped or doped. All these bills do is make it easier for China and multinationals to rob and crush their small American competitors. Just because they call it reform doesn’t mean it is. The rank and file of Congress should beware of what comes out of their committees who are heavily and at times improperly influenced by thieves and their pr firms.

infringers and their paid puppets definition of ‘patent troll’:

anyone who sues us for stealing their invention

Can you say dissemble? All this talk about trolls and so called ‘patent reform’ is just spin control by large infringers and their paid puppets to cover up their theft. If you tell a lie often enough and can dupe others to repeat that lie, eventually it is accepted as fact. As Mark Twain said, ‘truth is not hard to kill, and (that) a lie well told is immortal’. Those who use the amorphous phrase ‘patent troll’ expose themselves as thieves, duped, or doped and perpetuate the lie.

It’s about property rights and jobs. When government fails to uniformly and justly enforce property rights they contribute to the wealth and power of the well placed few, suppress the ability and rights of the rest to make better lives for themselves and their families, and support giant monopolies that enslave and impoverish the public and commandeer the government.

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