“…a court district that’s become notorious for its patent litigation”


The Eastern District of Texas is only notorious to infringers. Inventors respect any court which has the audacity to actually enforce property rights -regardless of wealth or influence. Is this the America of our founders?

Traditionally in western law plaintiffs in torts have been permitted to file wherever their rights have been trespassed. Present law as far as patent rights are concerned has deteriorated to where inventors must file in the defendants back yard -often times a place where inventors face an uphill battle. Not all courts are well versed in patent law and dislike these cases so they tend to have quick triggers on summary judgement. The other problem inventors face in those venues is the close connections between jurors, judges and defendants. Justice demands at least impartial venues. Texas is most always that as it lacks close ties with either side.

Overall this article lacks balance and objectivity. This is often the case from this reporter on patent issues. Is she objective, or does she have a self interest?

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