“…conveniently forget what incentivized the research and development”


They are correct. Without strong property rights no one will build or buy a car, house… or invention. That’s why before the American patent system inventors like Josiah Wedgwood protected their creations and discoveries as trade secrets. Those secrets they then took with them to their graves and have forever been lost to civilization. Those they could not so protect were never developed. The founders of America were wise to include inventors rights to their creations in the US Constitution from the beginning. They understood the importance of property rights in the development of the American economy. Hopefully, this Congress and the courts will wake up before it is too late and irreversible damage is done. By the day market share and jobs are lost to China and other developing countries. We cannot compete with them on price so we must succeed with product. Without strong property rights no matter what field the invention, no one will risk their time or capital to only be chased out of the markets they create by thieves.

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