A Patent ‘Reform’ Ruinous to Our Nation’s Health


‘The charitable explanation is that too many of my colleagues took the mega-corporations’ bait that the act will reduce the high cost of frivolous litigation. A more convicting explanation is that, like so much other legislation — including Obamacare itself, its mind-dulling, eye-glazing verbiage went unread.’

Will the rank and file of Congress follow the lead of Chinese and large multinational lobbyists like lambs…pulling America along to the slaughter?

The truth is ‘bad’ patents rarely occur. The PTO will grant patents, sure, but rarely do they cover anything of consequence. And to get a narrow patent an inventor must fight tooth and nail for years. The problem is not the patents that are issued, but those that are not. That is the real problem, not this fictional tale proffered by thieves and those they have duped.

Even when the rare ‘bad’ patent is issued it will rarely matter. Small entities rely on contingent firms to enforce their rights. Those law firms will go through your patent with a fine toothed comb. If they don’t believe in your patent, they will not take your case. It’s that simple. So this contrived argument of bad patents is a ruse by large invention thieves to cover up their theft and justify what they call patent ‘reform’.

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