‘become a dictatorship’


In the above film “Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)” beginning at 28:40, a German law professor as witness describes the changes in the position of judges and the German legal system at the time the Nazis came into power preceding WW2.

“The position of the judges was one of complete independence…The right to appeal was eliminated…The (Supreme) Court was replaced by Peoples and special courts.”

In essence, Constitutional courts were replaced with administrative “courts”, with “judges” who were now controlled by a ‘dictatorship’. Inventors have first hand knowledge of these types of “courts”. They have unjustly and unlawfully stripped us of our rights and property.

Has America completely degenerated from a Republic to a democracy (which James Madison and other founders regarded as mob rule) and finally into a dictatorship like Nazi Germany? Who sponsored the America Invents Act which in part denies our access to lawful courts for our most valuable properties? Who were the majority judges in the Alice, eBay and other such SCOTUS decisions which deny our very right to our inventions and our right to an injunction to stop their theft, among other attacks on our rights? Do they have “complete independence”?

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