‘proverbial “bad old days.”’


‘proverbial “bad old days.”’

Sure, bad for thieves.

Take a look at his page on their site…


Finally he has dropped the cloak. Through the years we believe he has published articles elsewhere that completely lacked balance and we questioned if he was impartial. We now see he actually works for those tied to promoting what large infringers (thieves) call patent ‘reform’. Not all ‘reporters’ are impartial. Take a look at their Board…


Drill down and you’ll encounter ties to many of who inventors regard as the world’s biggest serial infringers. Most significantly, it appears their site is hosted by perhaps the biggest. Altogether, it is not surprising. Is theirs truly a public interest org, or rather a highly partisan private interest group promoting big business propaganda and their doctrine of theft?

As in the case of big business fat cats, great heft often comes from grand theft. It gives a new meaning to the old phrase, the ‘filthy rich’. Don’t believe the lies of thieves. Their goal is not to reform anything, only to line their pockets by any means possible. As Mark Twain said, ‘truth is not hard to kill, and (that) a lie well told is immortal’.

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