‘should have been found invalid’


‘Sprint patents should have been found invalid’

But the problem is that far too few patents are being issued and upheld, certainly for inventors and other small entities. We no longer have any reasonable expectation we will be able to commercialize our inventions which greatly explains why small entity patent applications and issued patents have plummeted in recent years -down to only about a 6% share of issued by our last review, if not less and still falling as compared to an historical share of up to 80%. Clearly this patent system grossly fails to encourage inventors -only our large thieving competitors who are now free to rob and crush us. Are their any courts left who respect our rights and property? Are there any left who respect and acknowledge the Constitution? Must inventors claim the ‘right of the cudgel’ as Franklin wrote of in his autobiography?

We are very hopeful the new Director will help, but there is a limit to what he can do unless the law is changed. Our bill will accomplish that, but judging by recent conduct at the PTO in thwarting our efforts at patenting our inventions such as in refusing to follow the law as respects interferences, we are led to believe large infringer (thief) influence still exists in at least some corners at the PTO -the stain and sins of past Directors and their ties to multinational thieves. In a similar fashion a few years ago another inventor copied and filed claims of a large competitor in a pending application while notifying the examiner, yet no interference was declared. Does the PTO only exist to further the interests of large corporations? We urge Director Iancu to continue his purge of their cronies, agents and influence throughout the office. We fully and enthusiastically support that directive.


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