‘still-unresolved problems’


‘Whatever your feelings about this specific strain of salacious tech, then, the case highlights still-unresolved problems in the way technology patents are awarded, interpreted, and enforced. The 1998 cybersex patent, like those in other instances of patent trolling, is extremely broad, describing general functions (“select input device and stimulation device”) rather than specific mechanisms. There is also compelling evidence it wasn’t even novel at the time it was filed.’

First, take a look at the author’s website and you’ll find this…

‘I’m a freelance writer and editor, with bylines in…’

As we’ve written before, with the present state of journalism, many writers/journalists have been forced to sell their bylines to anyone who pays. Its a rough world out there for them…and cold. Our guess is he was paid to sign his byline to what PR staffers for large infringers wrote themselves. It appears Morris has no expertise with patents. Then again, neither do the firms that apparently paid him to sign his name to their Chinese style propaganda piece -if we ignore infringement (theft). Lift the rock and you’ll find yet another large multinational invention thief hiding in the shadows.


patent troll=small competitor

Their criticism of the patent is vague, but they seem to suggest the wording of the claims is overly broad -broader than the invention deserved. Yet, if that was the case it would have been invalidated in court. As it was not we must conclude it was NOT overly broad. Similarly, their other complaints seem mere baseless accusations that likely too failed in court. Then again, this is typical of large infringers. They lose in court so they pay to publish fake news stories to whine publicly, trying to con their way into future legalized theft. Notice how this piece does not allow comments. Propaganda pieces never do. Don’t believe the lies of thieves.

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