‘sounding the alarm’


‘Others have been sounding the alarm about the adverse effects of the AIA for some time now.’

We have repeatedly been doing so, but there are far more problems that must be addressed than those caused by AIA alone. We agree that the Massie bill is certainly a step in the right direction -monumentally better than all others which only further debase the American patent system.  However, and for example, it does not in our opinion fully restore injunctions to the prior CAFC standard so that injunctions will issue ‘absent exceptional circumstances’. We believe inventors and small businesses will still be unable to obtain injunctions though our large infringing competitors likely will. Without injunctions we have no hope of ever being able to commercialize our inventions so we will remain disenfranchised by a patent system which has legalized theft of our inventions. Sometimes, as in the case of big business fat cats, great heft comes from grand theft. It gives a new meaning to the old phrase, the ‘filthy rich’.

Also, there are many other changes needed to restore the patent system to where inventors will once again have a fair expectation we will be able to commercialize our inventions. Those additional changes which are included in our proposed measures (3, 4, 6, 8, etc.) and all others will be included in our bill which we are now drafting.

We applaud Rep Massie and his colleagues for their efforts and welcome the opportunity to work with them and all our other friends in Congress who truly wish to restore the American patent system. It has been ‘reformed’ to death. We will continue to update them on the progress of our bill and welcome their input and participation.

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