‘Everyone in the industry knows’


‘Everyone in the industry knows that there are bad acting patent owners.’

To state there are without proof is mere accusation, not fact. For example, we are aware of none unless you are including large infringers who own patents AND willfully and flagrantly infringe the patents (steal the inventions) of their small competitors to rob and crush them. On the balance they are far more often defendants in patent suits than plaintiffs. Often times neither they nor anyone else use theirs. Certainly, those are ‘bad’ acts by some patent owners. But there are far more than a handful of them as any seasoned inventor who has been through the patent wars will tell you. Those ‘bad’ acts happen ALL the time. But those are bad acts of infringement, not assertion.

Otherwise, ‘everyone’ does not know. Unless you can clearly state what the ‘bad’ acts are and who is doing them it remains a vaporous accusation unsupported by fact. It really is no different than large infringers decrying ‘patent troll’ without defining it. In both cases the accusations are a ruse by large entities and those who openly or surreptitiously work for them as pretense to lift one end of the patent system table so they can score at will, but their small competitors never can. They are always running downhill and we always up. For them the only good patents are the ones they own. It is everyone else’s that are bad. This struggle truly is one pitting large firms against small. It is not a struggle of industries, but size. Anyone who participated in or promoted AIA is immediately suspect. They are known by the company they keep. Follow the money trail.

But even if there were a ‘handful’ as you state, that is hardly cause to justify gutting the patent system for all inventors and every other patent owner. That is what the past Congress did with AIA, the PTO with its overhanded overreach in its rules and actions causing the destruction of inventors (secret SAWS program, rigging post issue admin reviews at PTAB, etc), and certain courts such as with the Alice, eBay, etc. decisions. That has been gross overreaction tantamount to killing a gnat with an atom bomb -destroying the gnat and all else within miles. Sure, punish the guilty if there truly be any and if these supposed ‘bad’ acts truly be wrongdoing, but don’t punish those who are not doing anything wrong and don’t ignore the true bad acts of large multinational serial infringers. Is that too much to ask? All this ‘bad actor’ and patent troll’ buffoonery is nothing more than a giant red herring to distract everyone from their systematic grand theft -the work of cons and their shell games. Don’t let the crooks off the hook.

This is how large repeat infringers poison the well of inventors -by spreading lies, distortions, and rumors. Their purpose is not to ‘reform’ anything , but rather to make it easier for them to rob and crush us. Notice how they never give specifics, but always make broad and general statements which cannot be dissected and proven to be untrue. This ‘bad actors’ rumor is no different than the specious claim of ‘patent trolls’.  If large infringers had any specific charges or substantive proof, they would state them. Because they don’t they continue to float unsubstantiated rumors and falsehoods. That is all their calls for ‘reform’ can stand on. All their ‘reforms’ ever do is legalize theft. Don’t believe the lies of thieves and their Chinese style propaganda. Just because they call it ‘reform’ doesn’t mean it is.

For our position and the changes we advocate (the rest of the truth) to restore the patent system, or to join our effort, please visit us at https://aminventorsforjustice.wordpress.com/category/our-position/
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