‘STRONGER Patents Act would strengthen’


‘The STRONGER Patents Act would strengthen the ability of inventors to enforce their patent rights in court, bring additional procedural safeguards to proceedings before the PTAB…’

We sadly disagree. In fact, no current bill will truly help inventors, if at all. The problem is that their measures don’t go far enough to help us and they do not address many crushing problems for us in the patent system. Our bill does. Most bills that have been introduced appear to have been written by or from the vantage point of our large infringers, or those with close ties to them. It certainly appears so to us based on the content of those bills.


Not surprisingly, all their changes will do is make it easier for them to destroy us. Further analysis was included in a prior article…


Even if the bill’s attempt at restoring injunctions worked for us, which we are convinced it will not, it would not help inventors because we cannot get injunctions for patents we cannot get or keep. The current problems with the patent system run far deeper than injunctions, though they are our top concern. Unfortunately, no present bill adequately addresses that or other issues for us.

The great problem that led to the devastation of AIA is Congress shut inventors out of the process. We believe large multinational infringers in essence wrote that bill. Not surprisingly, the results were disastrous for property rights. When thieves write law, America loses. If Congress doubles down on that error and again shuts out inventors, that may usher America back to the middle ages. We welcome the opportunity to work with our friends in Congress on a bill which will truly restore the American patent system. We are now drafting that bill. The measures we propose are here…


For our position and the changes we advocate (the rest of the truth) to restore the patent system, or to join our effort, please visit us at https://aminventorsforjustice.wordpress.com/category/our-position/
or, contact us at aifj@mail.com

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