‘approached Apple about a partnership’


‘According to the lawsuit, Corephotonics Chief Executive David Mendlovic approached Apple about a partnership. Apple praised the start-up’s technology but refused to license it, Corephotonics said, even suggesting it could infringe the latter’s patents with little consequence.’

This is common practice for large multinationals. No doubt all large entities in this present state of the patent system are free to rob their small competitors at will. It appears few courts respect property rights as do few in Congress. Basically the country is in a state of commercial anarchy. The courts and Congress have not only allowed, but aided this activity by adjudicating and legislating changes in law which have in affect legalized theft of our inventions. Many large tech, insurance, retail, and financial services firms now brazenly defy inventors and other small competitors. Many routinely have used the threat of flagrant infringement as a way of bullying inventors into selling out at a fraction of the value of their technology knowing they have no way to stop infringement in view of the tremendous expense and uncertainty of enforcement. Large multinational infringers (thieves) know that and shamelessly use it. This is business as usual for them. Such companies completely lack ethics. They are the modern day equivalent of horse thieves. Until the patent system is restored, large infringers will continue to thumb their noses at us and steal at will.

For example, one inventor formed a joint venture with a large financial services firm to commercialize the invention, but when the Patent Office refused to issue patents the capital partner backed out. Then about 10 years later after the patents began issuing following many years of fighting by the inventor on his own with no help from the former partner, the financial services company and former capital partner sued the inventor in violation of the agreement which forced the inventor to settle to avoid bankruptcy in an expensive legal battle, granting the former partner a free license.

Another inventor was told by a large multinational competitor that he must sell his company and its technologies to them and come to work for them, or they would flood his market and put him out of business.

These are examples of why inventors and small businesses rely so heavily on the patent system to stop these predations of large competitors. Without strong property rights this will continue to be the fate of inventors and inventor shares of filed and issued patents will continue to crash as the American inventor disappears and with them good paying American jobs. Congress must act now to restore the patent system and with it America’s greatest job engine.

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