‘annals of cynical corporate subterfuges’


‘In the annals of cynical corporate subterfuges, it would be hard to top the effort by the drugmaker Allergan to fend off a patent challenge by selling its drug rights to a rural New York Indian tribe.’

Some people, large infringers and co conspirators only see what they want to…or what they’re paid to.

First, let’s clear the stench from the propaganda of such large multinational infringer (thief) PR articles:

patent troll=small competitor

Now that we have a proper footing to begin an honest discussion, let’s also correct another misreported or propaganda element in the Times piece.

Any one has the right to sell their property to whoever they choose. That new owner then has the right to use the property as they see fit in any legal manner and benefit from whatever legal framework they operate within. If the new owner has a valuable right to avoid having their property revoked in a pseudo legal proceeding in an unlawful ‘court’ then they should certainly do so. They would be fools to not.

The problem with the Times piece is they seem to have been hoodwinked by the Chinese style propaganda of large multinationals. All their ‘reforms’ ever do is make it easier for them to rob and crush their small competitors. We believe the present PTO post issue proceedings deny inventors our right to a trial by jury -a right which America’s founders held as ‘inalienable’, recognized and guaranteed in our Constitution, and has roots back to the middle ages in England and Magna Carta. Has the Times or its reporter simply been snookered by giant thieves, or are they part of their propaganda machine? Because their article does not allow comments, and because of other articles by this reporter (lobbyist?) we suspect the latter. All he knows about patents is…he doesn’t have any.

Is the Times blatantly blocking honest open public debate? Isn’t that censorship? Were they paid to run that one sided article?

Large newspapers conspired to ruin inventor Samuel Morse in the 1800’s by running biased articles against him and his businesses when he refused to give them a discount for telegrams over his telegraph system. Whose ox is being gored here? Can big business of any industry ever really be trusted -publishers or otherwise? The bigger the crook the bigger their lies and corruption.

For our position and the changes we advocate (the rest of the truth) to restore the patent system, or to join our effort, please visit us at https://aminventorsforjustice.wordpress.com/category/our-position/
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