‘pretend to have interest’

As submitted to us by an inventor…

“Large companies pretend to have interest in purchasing technology. Instead they use the info they obtain to invalidate patents. Patents are invalidated by PTAB based on nonsense logic. These companies seem to have secret connections at the patent office. They also use info from due diligence to try to file their own patents and engineer work arounds. Long court fights result in a settlement favorable to them.

There is basically no protection against this kind of behavior. In fact, a case can be made that current laws promote ip theft.

But even if your dream patent bill were to pass, any business model built on using the legal system for monetization with the way the Court’s operate today is a loser for all but the lawyers. Have you checked out the price for a patent suit lately? Or the cost of a re-exam?

Patents are worthless to all but the largest companies as the patent law is presently applied.

By the way, the average person couldn’t care less about patents or ip theft.”

It is criminal what has happened to the patent system. It now only protects large infringers (thieves).

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