‘Decline Of An All-American Factory Town’


‘Decline Of An All-American Factory Town’

Ben Franklin once wrote in Poor Richards Almanac, “it’s hard for an empty sack to stand upright”.

As we say, show us a country with weak or ineffective property rights and we’ll show you a country with a weak economy and high unemployment. Sound familiar? This in no small part explains why America can’t find a good paying full time job and why our college graduates are forced to take low paying part time jobs outside their fields of study while saddled with thousands in debt from student loans. You can’t train Americans for jobs that don’t exist…except in China.

America must restore its patent system. Congress, we need your help -pass our measures into law.

For our position and the changes we advocate (the rest of the truth) to restore the patent system, or to join our effort, please visit us at https://aminventorsforjustice.wordpress.com/category/our-position/
or, contact us at aifj@mail.com

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