“bad patents”


‘hearing on the effects of “bad patents”’

So say large multinational infringers (thieves). The problem is NOT the patents that are issuing, but rather those that are not. Meanwhile, Congress wastes so much time chasing specters and ignores the real problems. The patent system is in shambles and now shelters large infringers.

So long as some in Congress continue to wag their tails for and large infringers  orchestrate its sham hearings and shut out inventors we will get more of the same propaganda and the patent system will continue to be a sport of thieves.

For our position and the changes we advocate (the rest of the truth) to truly reform the patent system, or to join our effort, please visit us at https://aminventorsforjustice.wordpress.com/category/our-position/
or, contact us at aifj@mail.com

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