‘deteriorating intellectual property’


‘A deteriorating intellectual property regime in the U.S. has been quietly unfolding over the last decade and has contributed to the declining standard of living for middle class Americans, the stagnant economy, and the outsourcing of high-tech manufacturing.’

We agree with their stated problems. We completely disagree with their stated causes -quite the contrary.

Take a look at the site for one of the authors companies…


What the blazes do they know about patents and the patent system? Nothing. We can only assume they have been hired by large multinational infringer clients to spread their lies and distortions. Sure the patent system is in crisis -certainly for inventors and small entities, but not for the reasons they state.  Rather, it’s because patents are now far too hard, expensive and slow to get and enforce. We simply have no fair chance any longer of commercializing our inventions. That is the truth of the matter, not these cries from infringers (thieves) about ‘trolls and ‘weak patents’. Don’t believe the lies of thieves. How much did they pay to print this Chinese style propaganda?

Meanwhile, these thieves ship more and more American jobs offshore. When they can’t export jobs, they import workers. In large measure, this explains why America can’t find a good paying full time job.

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