‘Wrongdoing should be punished more severely’


“Wrongdoing should be punished more severely so that IP infringers will pay a heavy price,” Xi said, according to the report.”

We agree. In fact, if theft should be punished, grand theft should be punished on a grand scale. How can it be that the ‘president’ of a communist country can understand the importance of strong property rights, but so many in all 3 divisions of our federal union charged with protecting the ‘faculties’ of America as their ‘first object’ cannot? Huh??

Why is it if someone steals your car they will do jail time, but if they steal your invention which can have an enormous value, they never get any jail time and for us the courts now most always allow them to keep their stolen property? Huh?! Without injunctions inventors have no way of commercializing their inventions. Why is there no injunction or imprisonment? WHY!

Even worse, many large infringers have a long history of stealing with no indication they will ever stop. How effective is an enforcement process which allows if not encourages theft? Why is the system so soft on crime? In essence, they pat them on the head and send them off to bed. Have some courts become accomplices to grand theft? Why is there no equitable punishment that actually deters future crime? Why is it competitors who steal your information (cyber crime) can be imprisoned, but if they steal your actual technology (invention) there are no criminal penalties or prosecution. Huh?! If property is stolen -federally recognized property no less, shouldn’t the federal government be prosecuting the accused thieves? Why is it inventors must file a civil suit and even then still cannot stop the ongoing theft?? We continue to be pillaged even in the course of our civil suit. How does any of this make sense?

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