from the Mossoff testimony:


from the Mossoff testimony:

‘Admittedly, there are some bad actors in the patent system, just as there are in all areas of the legal system. But systemic changes that weaken patent rights for millions of patent owners nationwide, most of whom are innocent producers and commercializers of innovation, has pernicious effects on the innovation economy.’

As respects inventors and other small entity patent owners, we are aware of no ‘bad actors’. If any do exist, they are so infrequent as to be of no consequence. The reasons are many, such as it costs millions to enforce a patent and small entities just don’t have that kind of money to risk on a lark.

As respects infringer bad actors, they are legion. The reasons are patents for us are now far too hard, expensive and slow for us to get and enforce. It is now child’s play for our large competitors to rob and crush us. And they are. For us the patent system is all but dead. That’s why small entity shares of patents and applications are now only about 1/10th of what they have been historically. As in the Constitution, the purpose of the patent system is to ‘promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts’. Clearly, it is now failing, or certainly now succeeding far less than it historically has. The patent system is now a sport of kings, if not thieves.

Yet all these changes to patent law trying to address these fictional or insignificant issues trumpeted by large multinational infringers have meanwhile crushed inventors. We believe that was the intent of infringers all along. These witch hunts orchestrated by thieves greatly surpass Salem’s and Senator McCarthy’s. They are on a far greater scale. They certainly have more gall: you can not top thieves trying to change law to legalize their theft.

Meanwhile, rather than protect property rights which is the FIRST object of government, these giant multinationals have the tick hounds in some courts and Congress running through swamps chasing after specters. Don’t be duped by the Chinese style propaganda of thieves. All their proposed changes do is legalize theft, allowing them to rob and crush their small competitors. These thieves have been playing some in Congress and the courts like a cheap fiddle. There is where the House cleaning needs to begin.

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