New PTO Director

With the change in administration resulting from the election there will be a new director at the PTO. In light of the experiences of inventors and small entities in their interactions with recent PTO management we believe this is a tremendous opportunity to appoint a new director that small entities can rally behind and lend their full support to. We strongly recommend the new director have strong ties to the inventor community and small entities. It would be disastrous to appoint a new director in accordance with past practices where directors have mostly only had ties to large persistent infringers and none or minimal with small entities and inventors. That is in part how we got to where small entity patents issued have dwindled to perhaps one tenth of their historical share based on a recent sample from the PTO web site of issued patents. But as is well known, small entities create the lion’s share of good paying new jobs in America and if the country is going to get out of this suppressed state of employment it desperately needs the help of small entities. Otherwise, our large competitors will continue to steal our inventions and force us from the markets we create, all the while exporting more and more American jobs. When the can’t export jobs they import workers. That in large measure is why America can’t find a good paying full time job.

To this end we offer our assistance to our friends in Congress and our new friends to be in the White House with the next administration as we reach out with the hope of a friendly ear, ready to provide a list of viable candidates that will help fill this position with a strong candidate who can garner the support and confidence of all patent applicants -large and small. That confidence of small entities will in time lead them back into active research and development which has stagnated due to the recent history of being unable to get or enforce our patents in any reasonable, predictable or fair way.

For our position and the changes we advocate (the rest of the truth) to truly reform the patent system, or to join our effort, please visit us at
or, contact us at

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