‘predatory patent litigation’


‘predatory patent litigation’

But this claim by Chinese and large multinational invention thieves of patent litigation abuse is as overblown, if not fictional and contrived, as their cries of an explosion in patent suits. Don’t believe the lies of thieves. Just because they all it ‘reform’ doesn’t mean it is. As Mark Twain said, ‘truth is not hard to kill, and (that) a lie well told is immortal’.

For example, based on the Justia web site there have been 2546 patent suits filed so far this year. In 2010, prior to AIA, there were 3699 filed so patent suits will have risen about 18% in 6 years as projected to the end of 2016, or 3% per year -a modest gain by any disinterested rational observer, despite the dissembling by large multinational invention thieves and their propaganda machines. However, as a result of AIA patent holders must now file 1 suit for each infringer whereas before we could and routinely did include 10’s of infringers per suit. Therefore, while the number of suits have increased only modestly the number of parties sued have decreased substantially

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