‘The Impotence of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’


‘The Impotence of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’

Inventors will tell you the problem is far worse. Take a look at who was just appointed.


In the inventor community his former employer has a reputation as a repeat infringer. In every patent infringement case filed involving them since 2014, they have always been the defendant. We are told they are also one of the biggest filers for PTO post issue reviews. How can this not be a conflict of interest? This is yet another reason why the Patent Office cannot be trusted to review issued patents. Add to that the fact that the present director is a former head of patents for a company who has an even worse reputation in the inventor community as a repeat infringer and has been a central figure in the disintegration of America’s patent system. Coupling all that with the past and ongoing SAWS scandal and how could we not believe PTO management is corrupt to its core. Just how out of touch or corrupt IS PTO management? Firing all of them would be an incredibly light punishment. It certainly appears at least some of their conduct may well be a crime and prison time would be in line.

Inventors are up in arms and clamoring for a clean sweep at the top. We need a director and upper management who is not in league with large infringers, or at least has substantial ties with and appears to still be working for. Even the mere perception is as good as reality in such a crucial position for America’s economy. Permitting such a flawed process to illegally and unjustly strip inventors of their property rights is a disgrace. Upper PTO management must go. One has to now wonder just how deep the apparent corruption at the PTO runs. Inventors  and their attorneys will tell you the PTO frequently rejects patent applications that are allowable -certainly those of inventors and small entities. If we have to fight to get or keep our patents, we go out of business. No doubt this suits large invention thieves and their paid puppets just fine. How can this not be a restraint of trade, or even a RICO situation? Surely our friends in Congress and the courts will now take notice of how bad things have become. The propaganda of multinational invention thieves is destroying the patent system and property rights in America. When thieves win, America loses.

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