‘drive down pendency’


‘impairs the ability of the USPTO to …drive down pendency’

We agree. Affairs at the PTO are bad enough with management inventors believe is a toady for large infringers and the PPAC chocked full of large multinationals and their puppets. As it now stands large multinationals commonly get their patents in under 3 or even 2 years while inventors have to routinely wait 5 or more. Most of us go out of business before we can get our patents. The system has become a disgrace. Pendency, not quality, is the true issue -that and the patents that are not issued that should be. AIA and its expedited processing have made a mockery of the system. AIA must be repealed and new leadership placed at the head of the PTO which has strong ties to inventors and small entities. We must stop placing those with strong ties to large repeat infringers at the top.

For our position and the changes we advocate to truly reform the patent system, or to join our effort, please visit us at https://aminventorsforjustice.wordpress.com/category/our-position/
or, contact us at tifj@mail.com


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