This bill is proffered as a solution’

The Times has blocked us from posting this on their site. Censorship? Are they in league with thieves?

‘This bill is proffered as a solution to the widely condemned practice of an unduly large number of patent lawsuits filed in a federal district court located in Marshall, Texas, a small town in eastern Texas.’

Two questions are paramount for inventors and small entities when choosing where to sue  infringers 1) how long will it take to get to trial, and 2) what are the chances I will get transferred to another district. In some districts it will take 7 years or longer to get to trial. We cannot wait that long, or we’ll go out of business. If we get transferred out to  a district that takes that long, we get the same results. In other districts, such as eastern Texas, we get to trial in a much shorter time -maybe as little as 2 years or less, and have a good chance of staying there (or at least once did). Infringers don’t like speedy trials. They would rather wait until hell freezes over with the hope we will go out of business, or at least settle for crumbs so we can remain in business. That is not justice.

All these bills are basically written by thieves and their paid puppets then slipped by politicians they have slyly hoodwinked -in some cases it may be worse. These bills will not reform, as in improve, the patent system. What they will do is make it harder, slower, and more expensive for us to get and enforce patents for our inventions and thus make it easier for large multinational invention thieves to rob and crush us. Just because they call it ‘reform’ doesn’t mean it is.

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