‘President Obama should nominate Judge Raymond Chen…’


‘President Obama should nominate Judge Raymond Chen to the Supreme Court’

Inventors will agree that it is high time a jurist with a thorough grasp of patent law and science should be appointed to the high court. But we also need someone who has not fallen prey to the dissembling of large multinational invention thieves and their patent troll or patent reform spin. Where for example does he stand on the right of exclusive use -injunctions, patentability, etc? At first glance he would seem to be a good choice, but he must pass muster on these important questions. Others on the CAFC and SCOTUS appear as former chief judge Michel would say to ‘not know what they are doing’ when we look at their opinions. Inventors have nearly no confidence left in the courts, the PTO or government overall. That is why so many are now protecting their discoveries as trade secrets, or letting them wither in their notebooks. The government has all but killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. It may be too late to resurrect for a couple generations. America is becoming the old world our founders left where wealth and privilege trample  property rights.

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