‘patent trolls continues to suggest…’


‘Unfortunately, the fact that we even have patent trolls continues to suggest that we desperately need patent reform’

Nonsense. Don’t believe the lies of large multinational and Chinese invention thieves. Just because they call it ‘reform’ doesn’t mean it is. The author is just another PR hack hired to pose as a reporter to spread their lies and misrepresentations.


The present bills being considered in Congress ignore the plight of inventors and small truly inventive companies and instead focus on what are largely rarely or nonexisting problems fictionalized by large infringers in an effort to weaken the patent system so they might more easily destroy their small competitors. Unfortunately, some in Congress, the courts and the White House have fallen prey to or been commandeered by these red herring pretended issues and those who make such unsupported accusations. But accusation is not fact. These proposed changes will not protect small entities. What they will do is make it easier for Chinese and large multinationals to rob and destroy inventors and other inventive small competitors.

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