‘allow …infringers to distribute what they did not themselves innovate’


‘similar criticism associated with stripping property rights from patent owners in order to allow technology adopting infringers to distribute what they did not themselves innovate without paying the property owner for the privilege’

You are correct, but it goes deeper. This is a fundamental property rights issue. The US Constitution recognizes the ‘exclusive rights’ of inventors, yet how can they be exclusive when infringers are allowed to use the invention without the inventor’s consent? This is no less than a property grab by the wealthy and well placed, leaving the rest of us out in the cold with no viable way to commercialize our inventions so we must sit on the curb and watch as giant multinationals ransack and loot our property. Show us a country with weak or ineffective property rights and we’ll show you a country with a weak economy and high unemployment. Does this sound familiar? When government sits idly by as property rights are trampled on they encourage property owners to take matters in their own hands and feed distrust and disrespect for government and law. This is how societies degrade and crumble.

Don’t believe the lies of Chinese and large multinational invention thieves. Just because they call it reform, doesn’t mean it is.

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