‘patents that have broad and vague claims’


‘It is far too easy to get software-related patents that have broad and vague claims…’

So say large invention thieves and their paid puppets. Don’t believe their lies.

The opposite is the truth. If an inventor wants a patent, he or she will have to fight for years at great expense. Otherwise, he will not get any or that which he does get will be so narrow that it will not adequately cover his invention. We believe the PTO’s PAIR site will confirm this, but because the online keyword list with values, ranges and definitions on their web site database is incomplete or indecipherable it is not readily obtainable to us or the public and may not be obtainable to the PTO. Maybe they’re hiding that information? Recent disclosure about a secret program at the PTO to delay or refuse issue of select applications has to make one wonder. For over 10 years the inventor community has been aware of an unseemly connection with industry trade groups (noted invention thieves) and PTO management.

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