‘another example of a small company that was lead astray’


It happens all the time. Inventors will tell you big companies only look at our inventions so they can find out what we’re doing. It’s a form of industrial espionage. The mindset of large firms is NIH…Not Invented Here. If the inventor doesn’t have quality enforceable patents to protect their development work, they’re screwed. But those are hard to get in this era as the PTO loathes issuing patents covering valuable inventions and most all courts including many judges at SCOTUS and CAFC have bought the large thief ‘troll’ spin hook, line, and sinker. They have become tools for large invention thieves. Except for the wealthy and well connected, you can kiss American property rights good bye. The American dream is largely dead. The masses are now at their mercy as they steal at will -at least for now.

Meanwhile, inventors tell these thieves to kiss…

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