‘litigation explosion produced a political backlash’



‘The effects of the litigation explosion were profound. The rise of large-scale patent assertion provides a new explanation for patent law’s crucial shift from common law to equity decision making in the middle of the nineteenth century. And at its height, the litigation explosion produced a political backlash that threatened to sweep away the patent system as we know it.’

In the 1800’s Samuel Morse’s telegraph company created enemies with the newspapers of the day as they were unhappy with the rates he charged, or perhaps that they had to pay anything. The newspapers used their papers to dupe the public and government and turned them against Morse and the patent system. The same approach is being used today by powerful and influential large Chinese and multinational corps to use public relations and media in an effort to weaken or destroy the patent system so they can rob and crush their small competitors.

Also, because of recent changes in patent law inventors are now required to file separate cases for each infringer whereas before they could and would commonly include tens or more in a single case. Those who make these unsupported accusations about an explosion do not factor that in and thereby intentionally mislead. While the number of case may be up, inventors and their attorneys will tell you the number of defendants has plunged. Prior to AIA in 2011 the number of cases filed was consistently about 3000 per year. That the number of cases is only now about 5000 per year supports that contention. It is now far more expensive, lengthy and difficult for us to get and enforce our patent rights.

Don’t fall for the lies of thieves.

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