‘I don’t think much of our portfolio is impacted by Alice’

One problem as your guest notes is that the courts haven’t quite figured out how to apply Alice -certainly not uniformly. But the problems with Alice are much more fundamental. In an interview last year retired CAFC Chief Judge Michel stated ‘I don’t know that they really understand what they’re doing’ when commenting on the SCOTUS decision. Inventors will tell you if they know, they’re certainly keeping it a secret. In the end Alice has substantially weakened and for many inventors destroyed the patent system. If we cant enforce patents we spend years fighting the Patent Office for, what’s the point of inventing anything. The rights our founders acknowledged in the Constitution have been, at least for inventors and small entities, obliterated. This is America? Now more than ever inventors need real reform, not the false so called ‘reforms’ of large multinational invention thieves.

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