As Congress appears to be rushing towards a massive “patent reform” bill, inventors, entrepreneurs and defenders of Intellectual Property are becoming increasingly concerned

‘Congressman Goodlatte’s Innovation Act (H.R. 9) is too broadly written and will penalize numerous inventors and companies who develop and commercialize patented innovation. Further, it is based on flawed and unreliable data about “patent trolls.” Rather than rushing to pass this legislation, we should slow down and ask more questions. Only by asking questions will we understand the potential downfalls, unintended consequences, and effects on all stakeholders of the innovation economy.’

Inventors agree.

What is a patent troll? Neither Congress or those who use the vague phrase can define it. If you cant define it, how can you regulate it, or even determine if there’s anything wrong with it which requires regulation?

Inventors will tell you the reason why these proponents don’t define it is because what they truly are trying to stop is their small competitors from suing them for infringement and the risk of injunctions which would close markets to them. They want free reign to steal their small competitors inventions and run them out of business. That is the true intent of the Chinese and multinationals who are behind these bills.

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